The Parlour Room is OUr premier event space.

Whether you are planning an intimate gathering for friends, a sophisticated cocktail party for clients, an educational workshop or an elaborate soirée- The Parlour Room is an exceptional and convertible venue space.

Aesthetically, The Parlour Room boasts a modern-vintage industrial style reminiscent of gentleman's smoking rooms of times past. Velvet, leather and crystal are interspersed with concrete and brick to establish a refined but cozy environment. Soaring exposed ceilings are framed by original brick masonry, punctuated by walls of elegant black and gold wallpaper.

The Parlour Room reflects the sensibilities of a stylish well-designed home, not a traditional generic rental space. With an open-concept format and movable furnishings, The Parlour Room offers a flexibility for differing event needs.


The Parlour Room is a destination in itself with high-end furnishings and an intimate ambiance. Little to no additional decor or rentals are required to achieve a perfect backdrop for your event. Very few rental spaces provide the peace-of-mind to just show up and enjoy yourself!

When is the parlour room available?

The Parlour Room is available weekdays after 5pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. It is not typically available M-F during the day because The Commoners use the space during that time, however, depending on the nature of your event, exceptions can be made. 


Because the room is fully furnished in expensive velvets and leathers, we are very particular about the events we host in this space. Only low-key, professional events are encouraged.

We love a good party just like anyone else so if you are planning to have an event where people want to let their hair down, have a few (or more!) drinks and celebrate with a bit more "joie du vie" your event would be better suited to our larger event space, The Hemingway Room.

What is the room capacity?

The room is 1800 sq ft. with a capacity of 100 people. We are able to accommodate more people if you wanted to also use our adjoining rooms.