Why choose The Commons?

Both a vibrant and stylish environment to work & meet during the day, and connect & revel in the evening, The Commons is a unique model that embodies both the professional and personal ambitions of the contemporary entrepreneur. We understand there are other office, meeting and event spaces in town that offers the opportunity for local creators and innovators to find the right space that aligns with their specific needs and personality- so why choose us? 

We have amazing members.

Share a space with exceptional people doing extraordinary things. The Commons houses a repertoire of remarkably talented businesses and freelancers who share the space to engage in a productive workspace, to host and entertain their clients, and to throw phenomenal social and professional events within our borders. All whilst stopping to connect and indulge in a pastry or two from the coffee bar, of course.

We have great partners.

As a community of local professionals, we want to support other local Calgary businesses. Therefore, we partner with interesting and innovative local companies to bring great services to our members, to enhance events, and to provide expertise and insight to empower businesses who work, meet and play within our space. 

Our owners are invested. 

Our proprietors are as invested as any other member in making The Commons the best environment for the contemporary professional, because they work, meet, and enjoy the occasional cocktail in the Parlour Room on Friday afternoons, too. 


Located in the community of Ramsay (which adjoins Inglewood and is a stone’s throw from downtown), our space is located in the heart of a rare vintage building – rich with character and neighbouring several avant-garde enterprises. Being boutique also means The Commons is small – and we like it that way. The atmosphere offers the ability to get to know other community members better, and through our collective model, you have a voice in the operations of our meeting, event and workspace (if you choose).

We are socially conscious.

The Commons endeavours to be a socially conscious business that recognizes that individuals and businesses have the responsibility to champion sustainability as a way of life. We recycle, promote paper-free communication and alternative transportation (we're big fans of bike-to-work days). 

In addition, a portion of profits from The Commons is used to support four local charities a year, hand-picked by our staff and owners.

We are continuously refining and changing our practices to reflect new knowledge. As a member of The Commons we encourage you to help us learn and refine our environmentally and socially responsible practices.

But, are we right for you?

As with any great cocktail party, we want to ensure the mix of people at The Commons is just right. We desire a diverse mix of professions, backgrounds and interests in order to encourage networking and learning.

If you are a serious professional, want to host and entertain your clients in an eclectic but sophisticated environment, and you are interested in building community through events and networking - you are encouraged to book a tour and apply for membership to our community of the curious.