Welcome new commoner

We’re so happy you’re here

Wifi network

Our networks are: "The Commons Calgary WiFi" and “The Commons 5G”, and the password is: "we all work together" for both - all in lowercase with spaces.

In order to keep these networks running as quickly as possible, we ask all guests to use the network: Commons-Guest and the password is: thischangesmonthly (don’t worry…it won’t!).

Access & Hours

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Our space is staffed and all new members have access Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. After you have been a member of the space for 30 days, and we have gotten to know you a bit, you can ask for extended access from 7am-7pm. There is no charge for this change, but we do have an extra onboarding session we will book with you (mostly so we can teach you how to turn on lights and make coffee so you are not sitting in a dark room with no caffeine at 7am!). If you require 24/7 access, please let us know as there is an additional application process and charge.


Parking is first come, first served. Detailed directions to our office can be found on our contact page. We recommend booking visitor parking for your visitors through Cobot, and let your guests know that our entrance is located right next to the Ramsay Design Centre entrance. If you are not sure which stalls are bookable, you can check Cobot (as if you were booking a meeting room) or ask a staff member to help you out! We also have an Impark lot access through the south lot entrance. The costs are $1.75 hourly and a day rate of $10. And, there is free residential parking about two blocks south of us that is available any time.

Download this parking map here



You will receive a Slack invitation that will be sent to your email. This platform allows you to message all members of the space, and we encourage all new members to introduce themselves. Say “hi” and or let people know who you are and what you do. Members can also use Slack to let the community know about any events or updates on your business you think may be of interest. There are different channels for different topics, but #community is the main one!

Suggested channels to join:

  • #commonsconditioning - If you want to learn about yoga and workouts

  • #whatsupyyc - If you what to hear what is going on in Calgary

  • #connect - This channel uses the Donut app. Every two weeks, Donut will set you up with another member and encourage you to meet up and chat! It’s an awesome way to get to know others in the space, especially if you’re new to The Commons!


At the entrance of The Commons, you’ll notice that there is an iPad at the front desk. If you are expecting a visitor, they can look through the directory of the iPad and you will be notified through Slack that your visitor is here. One more reason to join the Slack channel and to use it throughout the day!


We have two bookable parking stalls: #103 and #104. Please note a day pass charge of $30 is incurred for visitors who come by and are staying for longer than two hours and are not taking part in a meeting with you.

Guests & Meetings vs Day Passes:

If you have a friend, client or coworker who wants to visit you for a meeting or a coffee break, that's great! There is no reason to pay for them to visit, and you don't need to register your guest or meeting with a staff member.

When do I need a Day Pass?

If you have a friend, coworker or client who would like to stay and work at The Commons for the day, we love that! Just email hello@thecommonscalgary.com and let our team know that you need to add a day pass to your next invoice. The member's rate for a day pass is $30/per person per day, and you can request as many as you need. If your guest wants to pay for their invoice on their own, that is fine too; just email Anna and connect her with your guest so she can coordinate an invoice and payment with them directly.

community calendars

Our community calendar is displayed on all the TVs around the space. It will tell you what community events, yoga classes and any other special events that will be happening at The Commons. The community calendar is updated regularly throughout the month as events come up, so make sure to check it daily! You can also check the EVENTS calendar in Cobot.

Community events

Here at The Commons, we host several community events throughout the week such as yoga, tai chi, HIIT, Lunch ‘n’ Learns, workshops, Commons Coffee and more! We regularly update these on the community calendar on the screens, but we will also notify our members through Slack, Cobot calendar, in weekly Newsletter emails and on the bulletin board near the main printer. These events are an awesome way to connect with other Commoners in the space, to learn something new, to get healthy or just to have a bit of fun.

Payment methods

We accept cheques or e-Transfers!

All e-Transfers can be paid to hello@thecommonscalgary.com. The question can be whatever you’d like as long as the answer is "Calgary".


This is our online system. Setting up your account will allow you to see your invoices, book meeting spaces and receive office updates and news. In our online system, there is a menu item for the booking calendar where you can book meeting spaces (boardrooms, small private room and the visitor parking stall).

Please note, for the private boardrooms:

Studio members have 24 hours per month, Davenport members have 12 hours per month, Gallery members have 10 hours, and Commuter passes need to purchase meeting time separately (with a member’s discount of course).

If you need more hours than your monthly allotted times, there is an additional charge (with a member’s only discount).

Bookable vs. Non-bookable boardrooms:

Non-bookable boardrooms are drop-in meeting spaces that can be used by 1-6 people to meet in. They are non reservable, first come first served. Please limit your time in these rooms to 2 hours at most. Remember that your fellow members may also be wanting to use these meeting rooms that day, and if you know you will need a private space, you can reserve a bookable meeting room. Bookable meeting rooms are the ones you can find on Cobot. If you are not sure which ones are bookable vs. non-bookable, you can check for signs that should be able to tell you if it is or not. Please be respectful of other members in the space as well!


We offer complimentary printing for every member up to 100 sheets in black and white. The cost for colour, ledger, tabloid and additional sheets (over the 100) is posted above the printer. Please have us set up your printer to connect your first day at The Commons.

You should have received a Welcome email from Ezeep by now, which is the cloud-based company your space is using to manage printing. Please click on the “Set Password” link within that email to set up your user account.

Now that you user account has been created, you will have the option to print from your computer or your mobile device. To do so, download the app directly from your Ezeep account by clicking on “Install Ezeep for Desktop” and following the steps.

Once you have installed the app on your preferred device, you are able to print directly from your Ezeep account webpage by going to “Print Now” or you can just go to file > print on your computer. If you want to print in this way, just make sure the printer you have chosen has an (e) in front of it. This will then match with the printer listed on your space’s Ezeep account.


You can control the music in our office directly from your phone. Just download the free "Sonos" app, which will automatically connect to the speakers through WiFi. This will allow you to play music (from your playlist, through Spotify, Radio etc.). It also allows you to control the volume and turn off/on speakers near you.


As the coworking purveyor of a ‘life-style at work’, The Commons is proud to be dog-friendly. In order to ensure a comfortable workplace for all our members (both the four and two legged variety), we have a few guidelines we ask you to review and agree to before bringing your furry friend to work. Members are eligible to bring a dog to The Commons after:

  • 30 days of membership at The Commons

  • Completing the full Dog Application

  • Trial Day with Fido

  • Formal approval from The Commons team

If there are any issues with a dog (ie. a phobia, allergy, etc.), we will ask the dog(s) in question to remain at home. It’s never personal, but it is our responsibility to ensure The Commons remains a safe space for our members and guests.

At the end of the day, we want The Commons to be a safe and comfortable place for you to work, and we hope that Fido can be a part of that experience. Please make sure that you have read through these policies and asked any questions you may have before you bring your pet into The Commons.

no Island

As a member, you will automatically gain access to our second location - No Island, which is a collaboration between The Commons and RNDSQR. The space is located in Inglewood, just three blocks away from The Commons across from the Ironwood. You can park at The Commons and walk, or there is free parking at Cold Garden, on 8th Ave and The Rouge parking lot by the river. You will need to use your keycard in order to get into the building so let Anna or Jacquot know if you would like to start using the space. If you plan on working at No Island permanently, Jess or Zach can assist you. You can also purchase a parking pass for the Impark lot for $100/month.


8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


1232 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0T1


NoIsland (password: nooneisanisland)



We have coffee and tea from the local coffee roaster Cafe Rosso including lattes and cappuccinos in the Parlour Room. We also have coffee from our new neighbours, Calgary Heritage Roasting Company. Tea, toast with condiments, the occasional pastry, fruit and Commons Coffee snacks are all complimentary.

We have alcohol available for purchase. We offer beer and cider for $5, wine and champagne for $8 and pop for $1. To purchase, please write your name on the "Booze Board" located next to the fridge by the Commodore room and put a tick under the drink you chose. This will be invoiced to you through Cobot at the end of the month.

Better Together

As a part of our community, we want to work together to keep our space looking and feeling beautiful. We also want to empower you to jump in when you can. Learn how to make coffee, or where the printer paper is for a refill. We're here to help and we are better together.

Our role:

  • Put dishes away every morning and run dishwashers every evening

  • Keep all amenities stocked for Commoners use

  • Keep coffee and toast supplies flowing throughout the day

  • Provide daily professional cleaning of The Commons

  • Respond to and take action on Commoner feedback in the "space issues" slack channel

  • Keep common areas clean and tidy throughout the day

Your role:

  • Place dirty dishes in dishwashers located in each kitchen

  • Tidy up meeting rooms after use (push in chairs, remove dishes
    and erase the whiteboard)

  • Take your Tupperware home with you

  • Inform us of any improvements that need to be made

    in "space issues" slack channel

MEmber Perks

As a member, you’ll receive several perks. You’ll get access to a discounted Calgary Chamber Membership, discounted Impark passes and health care coverage with Keyser Benefits! For more information, make sure to ask a team member.

Our Team

Zachary 2019 (3 of 11).jpg



Erynn 2019 (3 of 11).jpg



Anna 2019 .jpg


Admin/Finance & HR

If you want more info on your payments, accounts, or any other related issue, Anna is the one ask!

Katharina (1 of 10).jpg


Marketing Director

If you have any questions that are marketing or social media related, Kat can answer those for you!

Jess 2019 (2 of 10).jpg


Community & Engagement

Ask Jess, if you want to know what community events are going on during the week or upcoming!

Megan 2019.jpg


Social Architect

If you’re looking to book an external event such as a birthday party, wedding, etc., ask Megan!

Jacquot 2019 (12 of 12).jpg


Operations Manager

No toilet paper? Looking for something specific? Need help with the TVs? Jacquot knows!


Industry Architect

The fine print

1. Occupancy & Primary Residence 

a. The primary residence of the member shall be __________________ 

b. Member shall use and occupy all premises owned by The Company for legitimate business purposes only. The use of the premises for any unauthorized purpose will be an immediate cause for termination. By signing this agreement, the Member warrants that all necessary or proper business permits have been obtained for the legal operation of the Member’s business.  

2. Lease  

a. The Member hereby agrees to all membership terms and conditions as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. The Member acknowledges that The Commons Ltd and their partners (the “Company”) have the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time by emailing notice to all members in advance of said change. The Member agrees to keep informed of any relevant changes to the Terms and Conditions as emailed from the Company, and acknowledges that it is his or her responsibility to be informed of all current rules and regulations, and that unawareness of a rule or regulation will not be considered a defense if an issue between the Member and the Company arises. 

3. Access  

a. The Member agrees that it is the policy of the Company that new Members will only be provided with access to the Company between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (“Normal Business Hours”) with extended access permitted from 7am to 7pm by discretion of the owners of the Company.  

b. In order to obtain 24/7 access, new Members must be Members for 30 days and obtain approval by the company staff. The Member also recognizes that such 24/7 access is a privilege to be granted by the Company, and that even if a new Member has waited a month, it is in the Company’ full discretion to continue to withhold 24/7 membership for any reason, which does not need to be disclosed to the Member or to any person.   

c. The Member’s access levels at their primary residence do not necessarily apply to all spaces managed by the Company. The Member must complete any extended access training required by each individual additional space in order to access outside of business hours.  

4. Parlour Room (at The Commons) 

a. The Member agrees that although the Parlour Room will occasionally be available to use during Normal Business Hours, use of the Parlour Room is not guaranteed at any time, or conferred on Members by Membership. The Parlour Room is primarily an event space, and may be used as such at any time, during or after Normal Business Hours. Use of the Parlour Room is solely an additional benefit occasionally present for Members, but this additional benefit cannot be relied upon as a condition of membership in any way.   

5. Drugs  

a. The Member shall refrain from consuming non-prescription drugs while on the premises, or from attending the premises while under the influence of drugs.   

6. Alterations  

a. The Member shall make no permanent changes in or to the Company without prior consent of the Company’s staff. This includes unauthorized movement of furniture, hanging structures on walls and/or furniture, and painting or making any holes in the walls and/or furniture. 

7. Personal Furniture  

a. The Member shall obtain permission from the Company prior to bringing in any additional furniture or furnishings to the Company building and recognizes that consent to same is in the full discretion of the Company and additional fees may apply.   

8. Maintenance and Repairs  

a. The Member agrees to accept all responsibility for all damage or injury to the Company building caused by the Member, or the Member’s agents or assigns.   

9. Individual Membership and Assignment  

a. The Member agrees that the Membership Agreement and the privileges that this membership confers on members to attend the Company premises can only be used by the Member himself or herself, cannot be assigned to any other individual and that memberships cannot be shared or transferred in any way. Sharing memberships is cause for immediate termination at the full discretion of the Company.    

10. Guests  

a. The Member agrees that in the event that the Member brings a guest to any of the premises owned by the Company, the Member is responsible for any and all damages or injury to the Company building caused by the Member’s guest while the Member’s guest is on the premises. The Member agrees that it is the Member’s responsibility to inform the Guest that the Guest is solely responsible for any injury sustained by the Guest while on the premises, and that the Company cannot be held liable for any injury or damage to the Member’s Guest or his or her Guest’s belongings.  

b. The Member acknowledges and agrees that guests can only be on the premises for either the length of a meeting or for a two hour period, whichever is longer, and that each Member can only have one Guest in the Company at a time unless the Guest is in the Company for purposes of a business meeting.  If a guest is using the Company to do work or any other activity outside of a meeting with a current member, that member is required to inform the Company ownership of their visitation and obtain a guest or day pass. 

c. The Member agrees that Guests cannot be on the premises before 8:30 am or after 5:00 pm, or anytime on weekends or holidays, regardless of whether the Member has 24/7 access, unless the Guest is a client of the Member and the Guest is in attendance at any premise owned by the Company for the sole purpose of meeting with the Member to discuss matters of work or by prior approval from the owners of the Company.    

11. Compliance with Law  

a. The Member agrees to comply with all present and future laws, orders, and regulations of all federal, provincial, municipal or local governments, departments, commissions, and board and any direction of any public officer pursuant to law, with respect to the Member’s use of any of the premises owned and operated by the Company.   

12. Smoking  

a. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Company buildings or within 3 meters of the entrance of said buildings. 

13. Pets  

a. Pets are only permitted with prior approval from the Company’ staff and with the proper municipal permits. The Member agrees that pets are brought to the premises at their own risk, and agrees that the Company and its agents are blameless and assigned harmless from any injury sustained by their pets or as a result of their pets while on the Company’ premises.   

b. The Member acknowledges and agrees that it is aware of the Pet Policy and Canine Code of Conduct, and agrees not to bring a pet without first submitting an application form and receiving approval from the Company’s staff and complying with the other conditions within the Pet Policy.   

c. Pets are only allowed to accompany their owner to the owner’s primary residence.   

14. Cleanliness  

a. The Member agrees that the Member is responsible for cleaning up after him or herself in all areas including in the common areas, coworking areas, social areas and conference rooms.  

b. All garbage shall be deposited in the appropriate trash or recycling receptacles, with all large items disposed of in the dumpsters located in the parking lot. When using the recycling facilities, the Member shall ensure all items are cleaned and sorted.   

15. Noise 

a. The Member agrees to be responsible and respectful of others in the Company regarding noise. The Member agrees to restrict all music or computer audio to headphones while on the premises.  

16. General Liability  

a. The Member agrees that he or she shall be solely responsible for any injury sustained by the Member, and his or her agents or Guests while on the premises.  The Member agrees to fully release the Company and any of its agents or assigns from any liability. The Member agrees to fully indemnify the Company for any legal fees incurred as a result of the Member. The Company, having exercised reasonable care, will not be responsible for any injury suffered by the Member, his agents or Guests, to their person or their property, other than by reason of gross negligence or willful misconduct.   

b. The Company shall not be liable for special or consequential damages arising from the Company’ negligence, the breach of an Agreement, or otherwise.  The Company cannot be held responsible for any extraordinary occurrences beyond its control that may interfere with access to the Company.  The maximum liability arising from any interference with access to the Company, or any other issues that may arise is the refund of fees paid by the Member.   

17. Membership Fees  

a. The Member agrees that monthly membership fees are payable on the first day of every month.  

b. Membership fees not paid by the close of business on the 15th day of every month will incur a charge to the Member of $25.00. Fees not paid by the final day of the month will incur an additional fee of $50.00.  

c. Membership fees more than 60 days late will result in Membership being subject to termination, at the discretion of the Company staff.  

18. Default  

a. Acts of default violating the terms of this lease which may result in immediate termination of the Member are as follows:  

b. non-payment of rent;  

c. late payment of rent;  

d. inappropriate behaviour on the premises;  

e. drug use on the premises;  

f. drunkenness on the premises;  

g. smoking on all premises managed by the Company;  

h. failing to cooperate with other coworking members;   

i. conducting illegal or inappropriate business on the premises; and   

j. being disrespectful of other coworking members.  

19. Discretion  

a. As the Company is a coworking space, it is important that all Members feel comfortable and at ease with the other Members on the premises.  As a result, the Member understands that if at any point it becomes apparent that a Member is not a good fit for the Company, that membership can be terminated immediately, without any reason for same being given.  

b. The Member understands that the Company has the full discretion to terminate a Member at any time and for any reason, in its sole discretion, and understands that in the event of such termination, any unused membership fees for the month will be returned to the former Member, as well as any damage deposit which is not needed to compensate the Company for any damage caused by the former Member. The Member understands and agrees to this provision, and agrees not to attempt to hold the Company responsible for any improper cancellation or termination of the Membership if this clause is invoked.   

20. Remedies of Default or Termination  

a. In the event of Default, the Company may lock the Member out of the office, allow another Member to use the former Member’s desk, remove and store the former Member’s personal effects at the former Member’s expense. If the Company is required to hire a lawyer in connection with the Default, the Member agrees to be responsible for any fees or costs incurred by such legal representation.   

21. End of Term or Change of Membership  

a. The Member may change or terminate his or her Membership upon one month’s written notice, given before the first day of the next billing month, subject to an early termination penalty if applicable. By way of example, if notice is given on November 15th, termination would be effective as of January 1st.  The Member agrees to vacate the Company, leaving it clean and in good order and returning any keys or keycards which have been issued to the Member during the membership period. In the event of a member wanting to change his or her membership, it will be at the discretion of the owners based on membership availability and suitability.  

22. Damage and Key Deposit  

a. In addition to the Member’s first month’s rent, the Member agrees to pay a damage deposit in an amount equal to the Member’s first month’s rent or a minimum of $288.75, whichever is greater. This amount will be returned to the Member upon proper termination of the membership.   

b. If the Member’s keycard is lost or stolen, the Member will be responsible for a fee of $25.00 payable to the Company.   

23. Operating Hours  

a. The Company’ Normal Office Hours are defined as Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, except for designated office closures and Stat Holidays (posted within the space, via email and/or on the website).  

b. Members with keycards have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week upon signing an additional contract (The Extended Hours Membership Contract) and upon the payment of the additional damage deposit unless otherwise notified by the Company.  

24. Services Provided by the Company  

a. The Company shall provide the use of a workspace, desk and chair with the exception of Private Office members who may be required to provide their own furniture depending on the space. In addition, the Company shall make best efforts to provide consistent Internet access; however, the Company cannot make any promises since the provision of same is outside of the control of the Company and may be subject to occasional issues.  

25. Meeting Rooms 

a. As a benefit of Membership, Members receive a certain amount of meeting space in the Company’s Private Meeting Rooms for no additional charge, depending on the level of their Membership. However, bookings in the Company’s Private Meeting Rooms are made on a first come, first serve basis and are at no time guaranteed. This added benefit of Membership depends on availability and cannot be expected or relied upon.   

b. Commuters and Social Members: The Member agrees and understands that the Commuter Pass is a day pass and does not include any time in the Company’ Private Meetings Rooms.  

c. The Commuter Pass is for the purposes of the admittance of a single person to the Company, and is not intended to provide the Commuter with the ability to have meetings in the Company, whether they are in the private meeting spaces or in the general common areas.  

d. Social Memberships do not include any meeting room hours, but instead offer discounts on event and meeting rentals and access to all community events and programming. 

e. Any meetings requested by the Commuter or Social Member must be booked through payment of an extra charge and meeting space only remains available on a first come, first serve basis.  

26. Events, workshops, classes  

a. Use of the Company’ Private Meeting Rooms, Event Spaces and common space is solely permitted for purposes of client meetings or quiet work only. These spaces cannot be utilized for the purpose of holding classes, workshops or any activity involving a form of a paid event or social gathering without the permission of the Company staff.  

27. Photography and Video  

a. The Member agrees that the Company can only be used for photography or videography in limited circumstances. These circumstances include photos or videos taken for the sole purpose of self-promotion that are not disruptive to other Members of the Company or their clients. Should the Member seek to use the Company for a photo shoot or to create videos in the space, the Company’s Owners must grant permission for same, additional charges may apply. 

28. Workspace Changes  

a. The Company reserves the right to alter the desk configuration and furniture at its own discretion. The Member agrees that by obtaining Membership with the Company, it will be provided a space to work, but that this space is not guaranteed and is subject to change. The Member agrees that even if the Member reserves a private desk, the Company can change this desk at any time, so long as another private desk is provided to the Member.    

29. Property Loss or Damage  

a. The Company offers a collection of coworking spaces and some spaces also serve as an event rental venue. As a result, the Company can make no guarantees regarding the safety of any property or personal belongings left at the Company, or left unattended by Company Members and their guests. The Member is strongly advised to obtain insurance covering any such loss or damage to the property by theft or otherwise. The Member agrees that it cannot and will not hold the Company responsible for any lost or stolen articles left on the premises.  

30. Security  

a. The Company management will secure the premises outside of normal business hours by ensuring that doors are locked. Tenants with keys and/ or keycards are responsible for securing the premises if they are the last to leave at any given time.    

31. Amendments 

a. The Member agrees to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the building that the Company may adopt from time to time. Any updates or amendments will be emailed to Member prior to change. 



Privacy Management Plan  

The Company is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes the needs of people with whom we do business and employees for the appropriate management and protection of any Personal Information that you agree to provide to us. Our Privacy Management Plan includes guidelines on the collection, storage, use and retention of your Personal Information as follows:  

Identifying Purpose:  

1. The Company will identify to an individual the purposes for which personal information is collected at or before the time the information is collected. Generally, the Company collects personal information for the following purposes:   

a. In order to better manage its business;  

b. To meet legal and regulatory requirements;  

c. However, there may be other circumstances that require such information to be collected and used.  

2. Collection:  

a. The Company may collect personal information about individuals (clients, suppliers, employees, etc) in order to better manage its business. The Company will make all reasonable efforts to fully inform such individuals about the planned use/disclosure. The organization will limit the collection and use of personal information to that required for valid business purposes or to comply with legislation.  

3. Accuracy:  

a. The Company will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the personal information it collects and uses is accurate and complete. Individuals providing personal information will have the opportunity to review and correct their personal information, and on written request by an individual to whom the information relates, the organization will modify the information as required.  

4. Storage:  

a. The Company will store personal information using hard copy and/or electronic means in such a way as to prevent unauthorized collection, access, use, disclosure or disposal of the personal information. 

5. Retention:  

a. Personal information is retained only as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes stated in this policy. The personal information of customers can be reviewed, modified or revoked either directly on-line or by contacting the Company staff. 


1. General Requirements & Expectations: In order to visit The Commons, all dogs must meet the following requirements (please read all carefully and initial that you understand the expectations for Fido, and for you). 

a. Small to medium sized dogs (when in doubt, just ask) 

b. Minimal to no shedding – we need to be conscious of not only our members’ allergies but also any visitors to our space. 

c. Owned and housed by pet owner for at least 30 days prior to application 

d. Be licensed by the City of Calgary  

e. Currently on flea prevention treatment, as well as all vaccinations, be parasite free 

f. Spayed or neutered 

g. Obedient (will respond when called, doesn’t jump on people, minimal barking - we don’t expect complete silence - dogs have things to say sometimes too - but, please be aware of noise in the workspace that could be disruptive to fellow coworkers) 

h. Potty trained and of good hygiene (e.g., no foul, unpleasant or strong odours). 

  1. Making sure Fido gets out for regular walks, and covering for any accidents (we know they happen from time to time, just make sure they get cleaned up quickly and effectively!). 

a. Scooping, bagging, cleaning, and sanitizing  

k. Positively controlled within the pet owner’s immediate area: 

  1. Tethered (6ft or less), gated, or kennelled in your workspace 

  2. Actively attended to 100% of the time 

a. If you need to leave your workspace, it is up to you to make sure you have identified a lucky puppy-sitter to keep an eye on Fido until you return.  

2. Unacceptable Behaviour: We hope to never ask a dog to leave the premise, but in the interest of maintaining a comfortable workspace for all, we have a few No-No’s for Fido and yourself. If any pet is exhibiting any of the following behaviours, they may be asked to leave The Commons (that day, or for good): 

a. Aggressive behaviour to other members - human or canine. 

b. Being disruptive, and/or inhibiting work productivity. Some examples of this include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Loud play (sometimes this is more on the owner than the pup - don’t encourage your dog to make noise in the workspace; you might think it’s cute, but your neighbour probably disagrees). 

  2. Squeaky toys 

  3. Meaty/Wet or strong smelling treats

3. Dogs at Community Events: We love dogs and we love our community, so hopefully this is a match made in heaven! However, if you are attending a community event (lunch n learn, workshop, workout or yoga), please be aware that not all members are as dog-comfortable as you may be. 

a. Keep your dog on leash 

b. If your dog display any disruptive behaviour (even if it is adorably friendly in your eyes), please consider removing your dog, or moving them to a less central part of the event. 

c. If there are any complaints about a dog(s), we may have to ask you to refrain from bringing Fido to community events in the future.  

4. Issues with Humans or Other Dogs: Again, we love our canine members, but we also want to make it clear that The Commons is a human workplace first and foremost and bringing Fido to work with you is a privilege rather than a right.  

a. Like humans, sometimes pet personalities clash. If this becomes a problem we will try to mediate and find a mutually agreeable solution for all owners. 

b. If a fear, phobia, allergy or sensitivity of any kind arises in a specific area of The Commons, we reserve the right to ask any dog owners in that section to either relocate, or to leave Fido at home.