Calling all party curators and champagne aficionados alike; our event quarters can set the scene for all of your celebratory libations and merrymaking.

We are available to help you as much as you need to bring your event to fruition at The Commons.

Our in-house Venue manager will ensure your jubilee goes off without a hitch.

All of our venue rentals include the services of a venue manager who will answer your questions and walk you through the details such as contracts, expectations and procedures, as well as an event attendant who will be onsite for the entirety of your affair.


Other services include, but are not limited to:

  • Event Planning including rentals, liaising with vendors, musicians and bartenders and essentially bringing your vision to life. We work with a team of event planners who specialize in a plethora of event styles, so you are sure to get the expertise you require.
  • Event Styling which includes designing the decor and ambiance of the event space to match your theme and vision.
  • Graphic Design including invitations, posters, and fine stationery details such as place cards, signage and thank you cards.
  • Catering from carefully curated local gourmet caterers - known for their hospitality and notable menus. We are delighted to offer full-service catering from Urbane Culinary with a seasonal menu of gourmet breakfast, lunch, cocktail and dinner items.

Please indicate on our event request form what services you might be interested in and we'd be happy to discuss them with you during our initial meeting.