My first blog ever. First off...big shout out to Kris and Erynn for coming up with this FUN little project while I'm away from the office! I think the conversation went something like this:

Erynn and Kris - "You should write a blog while you're in Colombia"
Me - "'s not really my style"
Erynn and Kris - "No, it will be great. You'll like it and it will be fun for people to see what you're up to"
Me - "Nah...I don't like writing and I don't think many people will be very interested"
Erynn and Kris - "We think it's a great idea and it will give you a place to be creative and show people what you've been up to"
Me - " seems like a lot of work"
Erynn and Kris - "We've setup your profile and it's super easy to log in and post stories and photos"
Me - "Nah....I'm not super tech savvy for this sort of thing"
Erynn and Kris - "Ok...well you're doing it so there's that"
Me - "Gotcha"

So after that little exchange apparently I'm doing a blog. I'm not much of a writer so we'll see how the first few post goes...if I get booed off the internet then it will be a quick intro/exit from the blogging world.