The trip to Medellin was a long one...a little over 24 hours through NYC (where I ran into fellow Commoner Blair de Jong), Panama City and then finally arriving in Colombia. The international airport is located on top of a mountain in Medellin so the arrival was beautiful. Getting through security and baggage claim was a breeze and then I was greeted by a private driver with my name on a sign...which I've never had before...quite a special feeling! The drive into Medellin is about an hour long of winding roads which gave me the perfect opportunity to practice my non-existent Spanish. It's funny how fast a conversation in two languages turns into a game of charades. But for the most part we understood each other...I think.. But thanks to the wonderful world of Google Translate, life became a lot easier. It's my first time using it while traveling and it's been a life saver in some situations. Using the camera to read restaurant menus alone has been worth the data charges! 

Michael Youngblood (what a cool last name), co-founder of Unsettled, met me at my apartment with the keys and to help get me settled. Michael gave me such a wam welcome I immediately felt like I was apart of the Unsettled family. He answered all my questions and gave me a brief rundown of what to expect over the first couple days. It was amazing to have everything so well organized and have all the essentials taken care of so all I had to do was drop my stuff in my room and go have a well deserved shower!