I was introduced to Unsettled and the concept of 30-day co-working retreats through Jonathan Kalan, a TED resident and co-founder of Unsettled Adventures (https://beunsettled.co). Jonathan reached out to The Commons to provide information on the type of trips they host as he thought it might be a great match for our co-working community at The Commons. 

In a nutshell, Unsettled offers anyone the ability to live and work month-to-month across cities and destinations worldwide. Everything needed to be connected, comfortable and collaborative is provided; a private room, a shared work space, and connection to a vibrant community. Unsettled organizes a series of 30-day co-working retreats for entrepreneurs, creatives, and digital nomads to experience work/life balance in vacation-like destinations. They bring together the founders of technology companies, social entrepreneurs, developers, designers, award winning artists, and other successful creatives to build, connect, and collaborate with each other and with local entrepreneurs in emerging technology and startup communities worldwide.

For each trip, they develop a theme to work and live to our fullest potential. They host workshops, lighting talks, and collaborative projects to improve our work, better our lives, and expand our worldviews. They also build connections with local communities in an exchange of our collective expertise and best practices in a global context.

So, in order for us to make sure it was a good fit for our Commoners, I made the suggestion that I should attend one of the retreats so we can make an educated referral to our members. Talking about taking one for the team;) It was also a gift from my sister and business partner, Erynn, who thought it would be a good opportunity to get out of the day-to-day of our business and focus on some bigger picture items. So next thing i know, I booked a flight to Medellin (through Lary Neron at The Commons...thanks Lary!) and I'm off on a month long adventure to work/play/explore in Colombia!