Sustainable and ethical practices

we promote sustainable practices within our business and the businesses with which we are affiliated

Our focus for 2017 is to create policies and practices that promote kindness and sustainability. We are working hard to implement these practices and seek partnerships with companies which have complementary goals.

What is important to us?

  • Living as locally as possible
  • Being kind and seeking out win/win solutions
  • Connecting people and creating community
  • Challenging our limiting beliefs about ourselves and others
  • Appreciation for, and responsibility to, the environment and animals
  • Ethical vegetarianism

We are curious about what is important to you

Your company may align with some or all of our points above and you likely have some of your own. We'd love to hear about them and whether you see a complementary fit.

For Catering Prospects

Sharing a meal is an opportunity to gather friends and family, share stories and build community. However, food has become a significant source of waste and environmental impact. For these reasons, The Commons believes and supports making food service more sustainable and promotes the following guidelines:

  • Menus based on seasonal foods preferably locally grown
  • Plant-based focus with vegetarian/vegan options
  • Organic as often as possible
  • Reusable, Recyclable or Compostable Dinnerware

When submitting your proposal, please indicate your commitment to sustainable food practices through the following considerations:

  • Do you offer seasonal menus featuring locally grown ingredients?
  • Can you cater a menu using all or mostly organic ingredients?
  • What types of vegetarian/vegan menus can you offer?
  • What are your reuse, recycle and compost policies?

Please indicate in your proposal how your business incorporates sustainable practices.