Private Office

Studio Membership


Are you looking for a collaborative space but need a little more privacy? We have a number of private offices available that range in size, suitable for a single person to up to a multi-purpose team.

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What is great about this membership?

Immerse yourself in a creative and collaborative community while having a private alcove to call your own. Whether it's just yourself, a dynamic duo or a larger team - our private offices house the opportunity to keep the door open to connect and inspire, or closed when you need some quiet time to complete that project. 

  • No commitment (month-by-month)

  • Expand and contract your team easily

  • A large stylish office without the huge overhead

Who is it good for?

Small and large teams / Non-profits / Satellite offices / Start ups / Small businesses


  • Dedicated private office

  • Free wifi

  • 24/7 access when you sign up

  • 24 complimentary boardroom hours

  • Onsite parking

  • Complimentary printing (100 b/w pages)

  • Discounted Calgary Chamber membership

  • Mailing address

  • Access to member exclusive health benefits

  • Onsite IT & staff support

  • Professional development opportunities

  • Exclusive invites to professional & social events

  • The ability to easily add and remove members

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