Schedules, vacation and sick days

Hours and scheduling

Your hours will depend on your position. If you have an open or close shift or you are hosting an event or meeting you will have a specific start and end time, otherwise if you are having an “admin” day your start and end times can be flexible. For ease we typically have each employee choose regular admin hours so other staff members know basically when to expect to see them.

The schedule is sent out two weeks in advance.

Vacation time/time off

Technically as a full time employee you are entitled to two weeks (10 working days) of accrued vacation per calendar year. Part time employees are given a percentage of this depending on their contract. These days must be used the year they are allotted.

However, in reality Zach and Erynn don’t really count and as long as your work is done and you have covered any of your job responsibilities, we are happy to give you time off (within reason!).

Additionally, we try to unofficially give off most of the week between Christmas and New Years. Since we work for entrepreneurs it means we can’t shut down completely so employees may be asked to put in a few minimal shifts. Those shifts are usually decided by the team in early December.

Please confirm your vacation time with Erynn and Zach at least two weeks in advance.

Sick days

Technically you have the equivalent of one weeks paid sick days accrued per year (ie: if you are full time it is 5 days, if you are part time it is the number of days you typically work during the week). But again, Erynn and Zach aren’t counting and we’d rather you stay at home and get better rather than risk infecting people at work.

That being said, we’ve seen Ferris Bueller’s day off and Zach is quite capable of embodying Principal Rooney.


While overtime is occasionally needed – clients may stay past an agreed time or we have a tight deadline - recurring overtime indicates a fundamental failure in planning or communication. If this happens we’re committed to make necessary corrections. We work hard to hire good people and want them to stick around because their work and family lives are in rhythm and integrated .

Overtime must be approved in advance and we give time off in lieu.


If you are hosting an event or meeting, our policy is don’t be late. For any other (occasional) times please let the people know who will be affected by your lateness and make the time up at the end of your shift.

Chronic lateness that affects the team and/or company will be addressed by Erynn or Zach (yep - that's as scary as it sounds ;-) ).

Managing your schedule and productivity

We work in an incredibly demanding service-based industry. We can't afford to spend our days watching videos of cute cats (well, at least not ALL of our days!). The occasional video is fine, but your focus at work should be work. If you aren’t being productive take a break or even go home and work later – we’d rather you be productive than watch the clock.

Can I work from home?

You may work from anywhere that you feel most productive.

Obviously for some positions – like the Concierge who manages our front door – working offsite isn’t always an option. However, we try to schedule “admin” days for all staff and we trade off client interfacing roles to allow everyone time for “heads-down” work. For some people this means being plugged into their computer with their headphones on. For others a busy coffee shop or a pajama-wearing work-from-home day is where the magic happens.

Whatever it is, it’s cool as long as you tell the team in advance and it doesn’t affect the day-to-day office runnings.

The consequence of this non-policy policy is that your work must speak for itself. It’s not about face-time, a race to the office in the morning, or a competition to see who can work the latest… output is what matters. The Commons is not a place to hide. It is a place to produce.