No Island

Our collaboration with RNDSQR

You may have heard whispers of our new space opening up. The rumours are true! We are thrilled to cut the proverbial

ribbon at No Island; our new coworking space. The newest addition to The Commons family is a collaboration with

RNDSQR, an innovative team of developers and place markers, creating new places to live, work and collide in Calgary.

Besides the fact that we think the team at RNDSQR is amAzing, we believe in the tremendous value of bringing together

companies and teams to create something unique and new that couldn't be achieved on an island by ourselves.


Our relationship with RNDSQR came from Zach standing in line at OEB on a Saturday last June. Zach was gushing about

how much he admires RNDSQR's forward way of approaching development. Embarrassingly enough, Al, one of the owners

of RNDSQR, was standing right beside Zach. Fast forward a year and here we are, opening our first space together - with

bigger plans to come in the future.

As a company that's been a cowork space for more than 6 years, we are constantly looking for new ways we can bring value to

our members. New collaborations, partnerships and unique opportunities that help us create a community that is more

than just a place to put down your laptop.

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No Island is located just three blocks from The Commons

in Inglewood across from the Ironwood. Just like The

Commons, there are several different membership options.

From a private office, a dedicated or non-dedicated desk,

or a commuter drop-in, there is something for everyone.


1232 9th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0T1

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