All of our spaces can be booked on a per-occasion basis, or through one of our exclusive memberships.

Just need a backdrop in a snap? We can set you up with the room that works best for your feature film or photo shoot.



Because of the diversity of our collection of rooms and common spaces available for photo and video bookings, rates will vary depending on the complexity of your shoot, day of the week, preferred room, time of day and how far in advance you need to book our space.

If you are booking the space within 10 days of your shoot AND YOU HAVE 6 PEOPLE OR LESS ONSITE the rate is:

  • $150/hr during business hours (8am-5pm M-F)
  • $190/hr for extended hours (evenings and weekends)

Please note that a minimum booking time of 4 hours depending on day & time is in effect.

If you need to book in advance of 10 days OR HAVE MORE THAN 6 PEOPLE ONSITE:

  • We will require the full or half day rate for the particular room you are renting. Contact us for more details.

If you're a Scorsese or Leibovitz in the making, and plan on using the space multiple times throughout the year for your creative collaborations, our Associate and Chamber memberships can grant you extensive discounts.

For the repeat shooter

Varying in hourly combinations, our monthly and yearly memberships are best suited for the 'repeat shooter', or aspiring Academy Award Winning Director. You have the flexibility of using our space to work or booking boardrooms to seal the deal with clients, and receive a discount on the venue fees of our event/shooting spaces.

Scroll down to inquire about booking our space