Junior event coordinator -- The Job & Expectations 

  1. You will work closely with our Senior Event Architect to ensure that our clients event goes off without a hitch

  2. Admin: Assists our Event Architect with preparing invoices and contracts.

  3. Client relations and event hosting: The Coordinator is responsible for being onsite and hosting the majority of our third party and internal events, ensuring our clients have an exceptional experience. Please note that this position involves a majority of evening and weekend work

  4. Internal event coordination: support as required for the Commons’ community-building initiatives, events and programmes spearheaded by the Community and Marketing Directors

  5. Operations and space management

Candidates Work Experience: Relevant skills to bring to this role

  1. Explain how your work experience relates to the Junior Event Coordinator position at The Commons

  2. What skills have your learned that will positively contribute to the role we are seeking

  3. Prompt any additional questions about potentially relevant work experience from their resume that they did not go over

  4. What is their work style (i.e. heads down, social while you work, few interruptions?)

  5. What do Turnkey (all-inclusive) Events mean to you? What would your role look like / level of involvement in a Turnkey experience? (troubleshooting, recommendations, add-ons (upsell), visualizing for the client / painting a picture)

Name *
What has the candidate described in their previous work experience that would be an asset to this role?
Candidates Personal Rating
Rate your level of skill/experience from 1-10 in each of the following areas. 1 being no experience, 10 being expert
(i.e. ability to maintain professionalism and positivity in high stress environments such as events, bars etc.)
(i.e. appropriate lighting, doors unlocked, signage put up, floors are clean, furniture is set up as needed)
(i.e. being upfront with our clients about our policies to ensure expectations are set)
(i.e. familiar with basic A/V including microphones, projectors, computers, aux cords, hdmi etc.)
Do you have an understanding of Adobe Suite?
Do you have social media experience?
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If this candidate makes it through the initial phone interview, then we will send them the culture test in a follow up email.


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Hours of the job: Part time to start and evenings and weekends required - Flexible hours dependent on events

Payment structure: will be discussed at the next interview

Transportation: We are in a car to go zone, there is a bus that drops off near the office - otherwise there is parking at the office