Candidates Work Experience: Relevant skills to bring to this role

  1. Explain how your work experience relates to the Community & Internal Communications Coordinator position at The Commons

  2. What skills have your learned that will positively contribute to the role we are seeking

  3. Prompt any additional questions about potentially relevant work experience from their resume that they did not go over

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What has the candidate described in their previous work experience that would be an asset to this role?
Candidates Personal Rating
Rate your level of skill/experience from 1-10 in each of the following areas. 1 being no experience, 10 being expert
Making a content plan, shooting/selecting imagery, writing captions that are in line with our branding
Which programs experience in? Creating materials like postcards, posters and other promotional material
Squarespace or other website hosts, Mailchimp etc.
Planning community events, managing rsvp's, running the operations
Being a community cheerleader, getting people excited about events, actively participating
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If this candidate makes it through the initial phone interview, then we will send them the culture test in a follow up email.


  • Start date & hours

  • What’s required from your university?

  • Potentially available for part-time after summer? How many hours per week?

Payment structure: Salary - is dependent on experience, no less than minimum wage. We’re flexible, depends on our agreement (salary or paid per hour)