who are we?


What does that mean? It means we get you. We are you. We know how it feels to be living your passion and be driven by a need to create a lifestyle that reflects who you are, what you believe in and, best of all, be surrounded by people who understand you.

We want you to absorb everything you can out of this amazing entrepreneurial experience. We are the perfect landing place for established professionals or people driven to reach their goals. We aren't an incubator or an accelerator or a start up machine. Rather we gather people. Really great, like-minded people who can provide (and empower) you with your own incubator. You make the call. You set the path. We provide the space and opportunity to succeed.

We actually do believe together is better.

And together we have built a space with your needs in mind. A space that allows you to build your business and be productive, but also the opportunity to blow off a little steam and have some fun while pursuing your passion.

And we have a mantra to do it all in style - live in style, work in style, create in style. Let the others make do with mediocrity - we insist on exceeding within the realm of extraordinary.

What are we passionate about?

We created this space for you (we know how it feels to "work" from home and find yourself in your PJs in front of the Price Is Right).

We are doing this for us (we hated working alone).

We want you to succeed without loneliness. Grow without boundaries. Push each other up, not pull each other down. We look at life with abundance not scarcity - there isn't time for that - there is too much good in this world. We don't talk about community, we live it. We want collaborators, not competitors. We want thinkers, doers, creators, artists - but only if you're ready to live your passion.

We intend to grow big enough to reach your dreams, but keep small enough to reach your goals. 

We plan to grow to a point that you have the opportunity to meet diverse people in a variety of settings doing a variety of things, but not so big that you don't know who you are sitting next to. We are boutique in the sense that we want our space to feel intimate, approachable and friendly, but big enough to let you build your business and collaborate with interesting people you wouldn't otherwise meet. We aim to stay intimate and responsive. This is your home and there should be no place like it.

We are a lifestyle collective in that we understand all too well how it feels to be an entrepreneur who is living their passion - often resulting in all work and no play. We have built an environment where you can do both, feel both, and stop chasing after the elusive work/life balance that doesn't exist when you are living and breathing your professional endeavours. You don't want work/life balance, you want work/life integration. Your passion demands nothing less. We understand that.

Sound like something you could get behind?

Fantastic - get in here already!