THE COMMONS ‘LUNCH & LEARN’ series invites small business owners and entrepreneurs from the broader community to host presentations to our members, 'The commoners'.

speakers present on an area of their industry expertise that aligns with the broad interests of our membership body.

The idea is to ask an expert questions in an informal setting, learn a new skill or hear about the latest and greatest.

Calgary's Small Business community is bursting at the seams with interesting new ideas, endeavours and insight across so many diverse industries - and our membership body is eager to learn! For this reason, we invite external parties to apply to present on a new topic, or offer advice to the fellow innovators, freelancers and entrepreneurs that make up our membership. Whether it's a mixology lesson or an info session on media relations, we are open to all kinds of content!

Below is how a typical 'Lunch & Learn' runs, but we want you to make the event your own, so feel free to come to us with any ideas!


Typically 12:30pm-1:30pm on a Wednesday every month.


Short presentation/demo and a Q&A period. Some speakers use the projector for slides, others do a more informal chat or hands-on workshop. It is up to you!


As the event takes place over the lunch hour, we highly encourage you to provide lunch or snacks for the event.


The Commons will advertise your Lunch & Learn via the following means:

  • post on our website
  • include it in our monthly newsletter (over 1000 readers)
  • put it on the chalkboard calendar in our space
  • send out through Facebook and Twitter (over 3000 followers)

We encourage presenters to also do their own marketing of the event. The space/time is yours so we want you to make the most of it!


If you are interested please fill out our online form (link below) and we will contact you about the details.

*The format of Lunch & Learns are designed to be an organic, knowledge sharing platform. Although this is a great opportunity for potential collaboration, this isn't the platform for a sales pitch and we ask that those presentations specifically selling a product or service do not apply.

**As we receive many of these requests on an on-going basis, these form submissions are reviewed by our board each week to ensure the theme, topic and content adds value to our membership. We will be in touch as soon as we discuss your event with our team of community representatives to let you know if it will be a good fit.