The Commons Phone Interview Questionnaire

Guest Services & Event Operations -- The Job & Expectations 

  1. You will work closely with our Event Curator to ensure that our clients event goes off without a hitch

  2. It is your responsibility to greet all guests, provide a professional and exceptional level of customer service

  3. You are in charge of setting up the space in the capacity agreed upon by the Event Curator - some furniture placement, signage, lighting, sweeping/mopping as needed, unlocking appropriate doors etc.

  4. You are responsible for monitoring the operations and assisting the on-site contact (or client) throughout the event - you are not the coordinator, nor the planner, you are the managing the venue to ensure the event runs smoothly from an operations standpoint

  5. You will be responsible for closing the space and ensuring that all guests have exited the premises prior to your departure. This will include a walk through with the client to make sure no damage was done, taking down all Commons signage, providing the client with the necessary instructions to dispose of garbage and to moderately clean the space etc.

  6. It is expected that you are available throughout the night to assist with any event related issues, including but not limited to wifi issues, A/V tech malfunctions, temperature adjustments, parking issues, lending supplies as necessary (and ensuring they are returned), assisting third party vendors etc.

  7. This role requires an individual that is autonomous, reliable and able to conduct themselves in a professional and positive manner.


Candidates Work Experience: Relevant skills to bring to this role

  1. Explain how your work experience relates to the Guest Services and Event Operations position at The Commons

  2. What skills have your learned that will positively contribute to the role we are seeking

  3. Prompt any additional questions about potentially relevant work experience from their resume that they did not go over

  4. What is their work style (i.e. heads down, social while you work, few interruptions?)

What has the candidate described in their previous work experience that would be an asset to this role?
Name *
Candidates Personal Rating
Rate your level of skill/experience from 1-10 in each of the following areas. 1 being no experience, 10 being expert
(i.e. ability to maintain professionalism and positivity in high stress environments such as events, bars etc.)
(i.e. appropriate lighting, doors unlocked, signage put up, floors are clean, furniture is set up as needed)
(i.e. the capacity to self-regulate and make quick decisions on your feet with minimum supersvision)
(i.e. understanding liquor licensing, special event insurance, catering needs, dealing with intoxicated individuals etc.)
(i.e. familiar with basic A/V including microphones, projectors, computers, aux cords, hdmi etc.)


Are there any questions you would like to ask us?


When can you start?

Hours of the job - Evenings and Weekends

  • Is paid hourly and the Event Host is to invoice The Commons after each event. $15/hr for training shifts, $18/hr for regular shifts.

What modes of transport do you use?


Final Comments - They will receive an email from our team indicating the next steps

* for the internal team: (need to follow up with either the culture test email or the "thanks for applying" email)