Your first few days

We suggest you focus more on learning and less on jumping in to specific tasks. Your first couple of weeks will move you from understanding the macro – our vision, our policies, the way we work, to the micro – being trained on the specifics of your role. You’ll sit down one-on-one with each team member to learn about their roles and participate in different activities. It will be a whirlwind but we promise to check in regularly and won’t send you to fend for yourself until you are ready!

Trial period

We have a 90-day trial period for you and us. We will get to know you, see how you fit in and assess your skills and willingness to carry out the responsibilities of your position. It’s also important for you to become familiar with how we operate and figure out if this job is a good fit for you.

And, if it turns out we’re not a match, we can part company as friends!