We believe the best businesses reflect the values and passions of its creators.

Here is a list of what we care about and what we are deliberately integrating into the Culture of The Commons.
It is a work in progress but we are purposefully building policies and practices that embrace these values and perspectives.

Being kind and seeking out win/win solutions

Connecting people and creating community

Living as locally as possible - buying local, eating local, supporting local

Challenging our limiting beliefs about ourselves and others

Seeking a balance (a lifestyle at work) and living with a zest for all areas of life - work, meet, play

Appreciation for, and responsibility to, the environment and animals

Constant learning and personal growth

Living 80/20
(Which means we focus 80% of our time on what we do well and only 20% on the things on which we feel we need to improve. Life is too short to worry so much about our short-comings!)