We'd love to share more information about our turn key holiday party options. Just fill out the quick form below and our Event Curator will be in touch to answer any of your questions and book a time for you to come down and see our venues.

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We have three venues, each designed with a different holiday decor and atmosphere. Our Hemingway Room is our largest space (up to 175 people) and is our flagship themed room - for 2018 our theme is "Northern Lights". Our Parlour Room is for a quiet and refined crowd (up to 100 people) and will be tastefully designed with elegant holiday decor and our Commodore Room is our smallest space which will be set for an intimate dinner (up to 16 people).
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We reserve a few dates every year for smaller businesses and groups to share in the cost of a larger party. With a private reserved table or area for your guests, it is ideal for smaller businesses who want a bigger party atmosphere but don't necessarily have the invite list or the budget to warrant an elaborate affair on their own.