General questions

Where do I sit?

Usually we use unrented desks and then move to a different location when a new coworker moves in. This is good for a couple of reasons:

  • We get a feel for the different spaces and how a client may experience working from that space
  • We interact with Commoners in different ways by working along side them

During your first week you’ll be able to select your desk anywhere in the space.

Where do I park?

We highly recommend biking, walking or taking transit to work or using Car2Go, however if you drive we’ll have a reserved spot for you. If you are a part time employee you may be asked to share a spot.


  • Mobile phones – if you require a different phone plan to carry out your work with The Commons we’re happy to pay for any changes
  • Computers – we will provide you with a computer and equipment

What do people wear?

Erynn has actively lobbied for a uniform for years (think high end airline uniforms or modern Mad Men styled hotels – fun right?) – however she hasn’t yet won the battle. In the meantime, we ask you to be professional and stylish. We tend to be on the dressy side of casual and, when hosting events, we ask you to ensure what you wear doesn’t stand out at an after-work cocktail party.

Dogs at work

We’re open to it (or at least Erynn and Meghan are – you may have to convince Zach, Jess and Kris). We have to manage the number and types of dogs in our space so if you want to bring in your pooch talk to us first and we can discuss the options.

Social media

With social media your private and professional life can be easily linked and to keep them distinct you’ll need to be diligent about your privacy settings. In the social media world you are an ambassador of our brand and there is little distinction between private and professional lives. Always weigh the impact of your posts on your work at The Commons and the company’s brand. The obvious rules: say NO to overtly sexual postings and racist, sexist or other potentially offensive content. Less obvious, and what we'd like you to consider, is if a photo you posted or something you said on social media was put on the front cover of the paper or on the 6 o'clock news and it seems like an inappropriate message coming from The Commons it should stay private.

Lunch and breaks

Schedule your breaks as you need them. Technically you have an hour but since you don’t clock in and out, take breaks when you need them to enhance productivity and avoid staring at a screen half asleep.

Snacks and drinks

Help yourself to snacks in The Parlour Room.

When we have Commons-sponsored events with meals, the meal is on us.

You’re welcome to partake in the beer/wine in the Parlour Room fridge during Commons-sponsored events or for an after-work drink with Commoners, however please do not drink during your shift

Off hours

You will have 24/7 access to our space for emergency purposes or if you need to quickly pop in to pick something up. Having guests or using the space for any purposes other than work is not allowed unless passed by Zach and Erynn in advance.