For those who have a penchant for the unordinary and an eye for exquisite experience, our space serves as a locale for professional affairs, day & night.

Our collection of event venues are cunning in their ability to host industry symposiums in the day, while acting as a stage for after-work cocktails in the evening. 



At the heart of our space stands the concept of a lifestyle at work; a culture that extends far beyond traditional, corporate cubicle culture. With this comes the social experience that thrives within our walls and imbeds its spirit in our after-hour endeavours - including industry exhibitions, seminars, networking nights and fundraising galas. 

Special Events

Whether you'd rather waltz the night away or spend the night at a cocktail cabaret, we have the space to host all of your discerning revelry. In our efforts to deliver the highest event experience to you and your guests, we reserve only a handful of dates every season for occasions such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and other social soirees.