Thank you for your interest in hosting your event at The Commons.

Please fill out the following form so we can get a better idea of what you require for your event.

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Date of event
Is your event a private or public event? *
Are you sending out your invites to a private list? If so, your event is considered private. If you are advertising publicly and/or the general public can attend or buy a ticket, it is considered a public event.
Venue(s) being rented *
Special event insurance *
Please note special event insurance will be required which averages about $150. We can put you in touch with an insurance agent if you do not have one. Access to our space will not be granted without proof of insurance.
This person will be our go-to the day of and must be readily available and sober for the duration of the event.
Once we go over all of the details of your event we will present you with a final quote. Please note there is an additional mandatory cleaning fee and security may be required for any late night and/or events serving alcohol and is at the discretion of The Commons. Security fees will be in addition to your venue rental. A damage deposit is required for all rentals and is due 5 days prior to your event and will be returned within 48 hours after your event, barring no damage.
Please note our preferred caterer is Urbane Culinary. Using a caterer that is not on our preferred list will incur a catering buy-out fee and will be allowed at the discretion of The Commons.
What vendors/performers do you plan to have? *
We do have preferred vendors and would be happy to introduce you!
Do you require a separate kitchen/prep area *
How will your food be served? *
Please note we do allow you to buy your own alcohol but a corkage fee will apply.
Will you be serving liquor at your event? *
Please note a liquor license and Pro-serve licensed bartenders will be required
Will you be bringing in tables/chairs or any furniture or equipment rentals? *
How does access to the room(s) work? With The Hemingway Room you will be met by a staff person and given a key card which will allow you to let yourself in and out of the room throughout your rental. For The Parlour Room and other areas within The Commons we require a staff person to be onsite as the room is connected to our private areas.
Do you require the venue for more than one day? *
Please check all that apply. Note that access is based on availability and may not be available for all rooms.
Based on availability and only available for The Hemingway Room.
Please note, if you arrive early or leave late, you will be charged one and a half times the regular hourly rate and the amount will be deducted from your damage deposit - no exceptions. We plan all events according to the information we are given and extending your rental time without prior approval results in challenges. We ask you to respect the time of our staff and other clients and be realistic about your time requirements, especially set up and clean up time.
Set Up Time
Set Up Time
If you are renting more than one room, please indicate in the space below if you require different access times for different rooms.
Event Start Time
Event Start Time
Event End Time
Event End Time
Exit time (including clean up)
Exit time (including clean up)
The time you will exit the space. Please note unless you have arranged for next morning access, we require you to clean up the space before you leave.
Please indicate (if known) when vendors/performers etc. will arrive for set up and when they will take down/pick up their items. Vendors can include, but are not exclusive to: equipment and furniture rentals, caterers, DJ/Bands. If you do not know at this time please write "unknown" below.
Please list the schedule/agenda/programme for your event
Basic room set up is included in the rental of The Parlour Room and The Commodore Room. For The Hemingway Room, you are responsible for setting up and tearing down the room.
Please note confetti, glitter and open flames are not allowed. No hanging or placing items that will cause damage to walls, ceilings, floors or furniture is allowed.
Will you be bringing in external lighting? *
Please note, any specialty lighting must be rented and set up by the client.
Do you require a projector and screen? *
Do you require wireless internet? *
Do you require a microphone and speakers? *
Please note this may come at an additional charge depending on your needs.
Will you be bringing in an additional sound system? *
All rooms come with Sonos wireless speakers that are available for your use.
Do you require a tech person onsite? *
Please note we do not have a tech person on staff so you are responsible for setting up your own technology. If you require a tech person this comes at an additional fee and they will be onsite for the duration of your event.
We will provide you with a parking map and instructions for your guests. We highly recommend bringing your own signage.
Optional Services
Additional services
These services may be provided at an extra cost. Please list any that you would want to include (or would like more information about).