Having our clients also be our coworkers is one of the biggest challenges for staff at The Commons

Some issues that can arise ...


You will obviously like some people more than others, however keep in mind, you need to treat everyone with equal interest and respect and show impartiality. This will be hard.


Can’t happen. It can get complicated fast and is likely to go sideways or alienate others. If you’ve met the love of your life we ask you to be upfront and honest and we can decide on the best path forward. Lying and/or sneaking around is looked upon unfavourably.

Social Media

It will be tricky to keep your private and professional life separate and we suggest not having our clients become personal friends on social media. Lines get blurred too easily and it is best to keep them as separate as possible.

Time suck

As a staff member you will have a unique opportunity to know all of our clients well – which means you’ll face occasional interruption and distraction when Commoners want to chat. While building relationships with members is an important part of your job, you’re still responsible for ALL aspects of your job and you may find you need to brush off your skills for the occasional “polite exit.”


As a part of our team you’ll often have the inside scoop on members AND our company. All information about The Commons, its clients and other employees should be kept strictly confidential. The release of confidential information, whether intentional or unintentional, can injure The Commons and those individuals associated with it. Err on the side of caution, assume something is confidential and if necessary talk to Erynn or Zach to confirm.


We try really, really, really hard not to. Again you are in a unique situation where you are likely to hear a lot of gossip and it’s possible clients will irk you sometimes, but if you need to vent, please seek out a private location with a fellow staff member. Gossiping about Commoners or staff with other Commoners is unprofessional and makes us appear to not value our clients.