How do you plan to build community?

Building community requires active participants who share their skills, knowledge and interests. Therefore we ask each team member to spearhead at least one activity per quarter in collaboration with our Community Architect. It could have a social focus such as a book club, a movie night, or an outdoor activity, or a professional orientation in the form of workshops or seminars. It could be a one-off event or a regular gathering. Think of how you would like to contribute to our internal events and programmes.

Activities at the office

The Commons hosts lots of events and programmes– and we plan to do even more this year. You aren’t expected to come to everything but we appreciate unsolicited support. If you helped to plan an event we assume you will be there and from time to time we will ask you to participate, but for the most part it is your choice.

Corporate social responsibility

We’re excited to develop this as a main focus for this year. We want to ensure our team has an opportunity to give back to the community in a way that resonates with you.