With several moving parts at The Commons you likely will become more familiar with some parts than others. Therefore we have regular meetings designed to ensure we are communicating and letting other team members know what’s happening from your perspective of the business. We also have our weekly team meeting we dub "Baseball" which helps keep us all accountable to the tasks to which we've ageed.


When you first start Zach and Erynn will meet with you monthly to see how you’re doing. After about three months we do quarterly check ins with all staff. These check ins are informal conversations to provide an opportunity to identify accomplishments and strengths and discuss areas for improvement.

Peer reviews

We also do peer reviews quarterly where each team member is asked to (constuctively) review each other’s performance and thank each other for help.

What if I screw up?

Nobody has ever been fired at The Commons for making a mistake. We expect mistakes to be made and genuinely look at them as opportunities to learn. Messing up is a great way to find out our assumptions are wrong or the process doesn’t work – and then we can analyze it and fix it.

However, there are still some bad ways to fail. Repeating the same mistake over and over and not taking responsibility to fix it is one. Not owning up to the mistake or not listening to clients or peers before or after a failure is another. We aren’t looking for perfection, however we are looking for integrity and problem-solving.