welcome to the commons society


welcome to the commons society

Social Clubs for Commoners led by Commoners

share your interests and connect with fellow members

a community is stronger with a variety of voices, passions and interests.

At The Commons we have created a platform, The Commons Society, where our members are able to channel their creativity and zest for networking and socializing by spearheading special interest clubs, programmes and events.

How does it work?

We provide the space - you provide the content, passion and excitement!

Creative Freedom

We want you to tailor your program to what works for you! We have tools to get you started and we'll pair you up with a staff member so you have support, but ultimately you decide the format and content of your club.


You will be matched with a Commons staff liaison who will be there to assist with the fine print like, budget, dates, rooms bookings, connecting you with vendors, providing distribution channels, etc.


We want to ensure the success of the clubs and the continued engagement from Commoners, so we are asking that you make a commitment of running your club once a month for a minimum of 6 months.


Why Host a Club?

Why Host a Club?

You are a Commoner who is passionate about a topic or activity, The Commons and our community.

You do not have to be an expert or a practiced teacher, you just have to be excited and looking to share that excitement with your fellow Commoners.


Social clubs provide an environment to share your interest with other people, meet new people, connect in more meaningful ways and get out of your comfort zone!


Share your passion

Pass on your knowledge and connect with like-minded people.

Meet new people

Get to know the people that you see everyday better!

Expand your network

Create meaningful connections that can lead into business opportunities.

Develop new skills

Cultivate your leadership and organizational skills.

Have fun!

What's Stopping you?


we are looking for leaders

we are looking for leaders

What we are asking from you

Time, you're busy, we know, but you are willing to share your time and energy with the support of a Commons staff member in order to create a new opportunity for learning, growth and social development.

Commitment, you are willing to commit to running your program once a month for a minimum of 6 months.

Budget, you are not expected to be out of pocket for the costs of running your program. You will be provided with a budget from your Commons liaison, if you want your company to sponsor the program and match the budget, we welcome that too!


Sign up!

Sign up!

Become a leader is easy!

If you have a passion you are half way there already! If you love the idea of becoming a Society Leader but aren't sure what kind of club you would run, that's okay too, continue on with the next steps 

Fill out the form, tell us more about what you have in mind.

Connect with Community Architect, you will hear back from the Community Architect to start working out your plan!

Pair with a Commons Staff Liaison, you will be matched with a Commons staff member who will act as your support system!

Make a plan! The world is your oyster! Start making your plans to share your passion, connect and help build the community!