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The Commons Health Insurance


Health insurance for the modern business community 

 Your membership at The Commons automatically qualifies you for guaranteed, comprehensive coverage.

WHO is Keyser Benefits?

For over 45 years, Keyser Benefits has worked with small and medium sized companies in the design, implementation and administration of group benefits programs. They connect clients with insurers and products that will provide the best value for investment in Employee Benefits. They provide your organization with benefits that will help build loyalty, boost performance, and provide meaningful incentive for quality employees to join and stay with your company. By combining the finest products in the market place with innovative strategies, they are committed to ensuring that you have easy access to the coverage you need.

A flexible approach that delivers exceptional value.  

  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Group RRSP & Pension Plans
  • Corporate Life & Key-person
  • Insurance/individual insurance
  • Health Spending Accounts
  • Group Contractor Benefits
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Dependent Life Insurance
  • Short & Long Term Disability
  • Extended Health Care Coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Critical Illness Coverage

Option a

Starts at $151.04 / month


Option b

Starts at $121.69 / month

Option c

Starts at $86.19 / month

How to access your benefits

Enrolment is quick and easy.

  • Submit the intake form below
  • Await your account activation email from Sterling Capital Brokers 
  • Follow the prompts to activate your benefits plan
  • Expect a welcome email from Calgary Cowork Alliance 
  • You are all set! 

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Frequently asked questions


How do i qualify to receive benefits through the Keyser program?

As long as you are a member of the Calgary Coworking Alliance (The Commons) you and your dependants (spouse or children) qualify! Health and Dental coverage is guaranteed coverage to start on the 1st of the following month you sign up, however, optional Critical Illness coverage has a two year pre-existing condition and optional short and long-term disability has a one year pre-existing condition.

when will my benefits be activated so that I can start using them?

Once you complete the online enrolment and submit payment, you will receive a welcome email with your plan details and your coverage is guaranteed to start on the 1st of the month following your enrolment. You will receive a card from Green Shield in the mail within 2 weeks so you can direct bill for Drugs, Dental and other expenses as long as the practitioners are connected to Green Shield’s system.

who is keyser benefits & how can they  offer more affordable coverage than blue cross?

Keyser Benefits is an insurance brokerage based in Calgary that specializes in Group Employee Benefits. Keyser Benefits has designed the program and can also offer additional coverage should you require.  Their partner Sterling Capital Brokers is based in Toronto and is the third party administrator responsible for administration and payments.  The program is currently insured by Green Shield as the provider of choice.

By creating a large pool of contractors, franchises, associations and independent professionals, they were able to design and develop a program that is not only more affordable but offers much greater coverage as well as an online platform and easy credit card payments. This is unique to the industry.

Can I apply for the benefit program if i am already covered by my spouses health insurance?

Yes, you can combine both plans should you wish to “double” up. The online enrolment portal will request this information. When claiming you would claim to your plan first and then your spouse’s second for the remainder and vice versa for your spouse.

Can i stay on the program if I leave the commons?

No, you cannot. This program is exclusive to the Calgary Coworking Alliance and is only available to exclusive partners in each industry. Should you leave, you will receive a termination from Green Shield with an offer to convert coverage to individual coverage within 30 days with no medical.

what is the cancellation policy? is there a fee associated with cancelling my benefits?

There are no fees to cancel, however, we do require 60 days notice to cancel coverage and there is a 2 year waiting period should you choose to come back on the plan again. Should you wish to change your coverage, once you change, you cannot change again for 2 years.

who do i call with questions about billing?

You can contact Sterling Capital Brokers at  - they will respond within 48 hours.


Our Health Care Coverage Partners 

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Keyser benefits offers a competitive program backed by Green Shield Canada - a credible and authorized insurer. 


 Keyser is the insurance broker/advisor responsible for plan design, coverage Providing accessible healthcare to all.



Sterling Capital Brokers manage risk so that you can focus on growing your business.  They are the third party administrator responsible for the billing/administration