There are a lot of companies, cowork spaces and programmes that support entrepreneurs in growing their business and developing professionally, but very few who focus on living well as you do it. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how easily your life can get out of balance as you focus single-mindedly on the business you are cultivating.

Our mission is to not only do business better but to do it while embracing an unrivaled lifestyle at work that is mindful of balance, inspiration and learning.

The Commons started because we wanted to solve a problem - namely the loneliness and isolation experienced while working on your own. Four years later we've built a community of over 130 like-minded entrepreneurs on a similar journey; however, although they are passionate about what they do, there is a common feeling of being over-worked and over-stressed, leaving little time for anything or anyone else in their lives.

    We intend to build a lifestyle at work that incorporates the seven areas of a well-balanced entrepreneurial life:

    Learning/Professional Development

    Health (physical and mental)

    Passion and Creativity


    Social Connection

    Giving Back