Associate Meetings Membership

Tailor-made packages for your unique needs.

Do you need a space to meet with clients or to have regular check-ins with your team members or board? This membership is geared towards those who don't require a desk, but rather a sophisticated, well equipped space to gather. Enjoy more time wheelin’ and dealin’ in the boardroom as opposed to spending the day your desk. And better yet - no more awkward meetings at coffee shops and other public spaces!

What is great about this membership?

Never worry about showing up for a meeting and not finding a table at a crowded cafe! With a membership focused on meetings, impress your guests and use our space to connect with clients and colleagues. Our associate membership allows you to reserve a space in advance - and we've thrown in a few extra hours for you to work at any of our common desks in-between meetings. 

  • Reserve your space
  • Less expensive than a coffee shop
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals between your appointments

Who is it good for?

Freelancers / Entrepreneurs / Service professionals such as photographers and event planners / Teams / Non-profits

How does aN Associate membership work?

You can use our space for 5, 10, 15 or 20 meeting hours a month in one of our private rooms or common spaces.

Membership Options

we have four membership options for you to choose from

Please note: Only our common spaces, conversation rooms, and Gallery and Studio boardrooms are available for Associate members. The Hemingway Room, The Parlour Room and The Commodore Room are not included in our suite of Associate meeting rooms.


  • Private room and common space access
  • Be part of an extended network of entrepreneurs and freelancers
  • Exclusive invites to professional and social events



8am-5pm M-F and some select evenings to start with an option for extended hours after being a member for at least 30 days. We are also open select evenings until 9pm.


  • Option to have 7am-7pm or 24/7 access after 30 days membership
  • Determine the number of additional monthly meeting room hours to suit your needs